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3D Fashion Academy

Stye 3D


 Digital Solutions for the Fashion Industry

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 Digital Solutions -  Catwalk 

3D Outfits developed  in Partnership with Big Studios

Digital Influencer

Develop a Virtual Influencer for Your Brand


Make her the Ambassador of Your Brand and:


  • Increase new generations interaction with your products, using these Influencers on  limitless environments and situations.

  • Showcase realistic products developed with us and our talented team of designers.

  • Let your community vote on new collections development without having even produced it.

  • Create more assertive products having a closer relationship with your clients, getting to understand more clearly what they really want or need.

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Bring your collection to life and Conquer your Clients!


Develop your 3D collection with us:


  • Reduce drastically the sampling steps, as well as product development time.

  • Reduce material waste with a more assertive production process.

  • Work on-demand: Sell first, produce later. Say bye to stocks and old collections that do not sell.

Create an unique experience with the client and your brand in a way that he will never forget it! 

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Bring Your Brand  to Metaverse 


Avatar Skins


NFTs Collectios


Market Place in the Metaverse

We develop Strategies for Your Company in Web3

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Tools to Increase your Online Sales With 3D and AR Integration

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3D items with AR integration increases the sales conversion rate to 250% (Shopify, March 2020)

The fashion industry has alone a cart abandonment rate of 68.3% – one of the biggests  among other product types.The reasons are insecurity about the product structure, buying without trying it on and about its general look

Nevertheless AR sales conversion rates are 83.1% bigger. Yet,  the product return rate is 40% lower, thanks to the possibility of trying the outfit virtually beforehanded.

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